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Lockhart Needs

Lockhart Needs

PEP for Women

After a year of preparation, PEP began recruiting its first class of women at the Lockhart Correctional Center, about 45 minutes southeast of Austin.  The first cohort includes nearly 50 women who are studying a similar entrepreneurship curriculum to our men. However, PEP is doing this at a new unit and to a certain degree, that means we are back at square one with its needs. Help PEP transform the Lockhart Correctional Center into PEP's Entrepreneurship Campus in Lockhart by donating the items listed below. Then please sign up and voluteer as PEP continues to grow.

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Ivory Bath Soap - 4 oz.

Quantity Needed : 47

Degree for Women Deoderant (0.5oz)

Quantity Needed : 50

Fender 600W Portable PA System

Quantity Needed : 1

Sandusky Lee Mobile Bookcase W/4 Shelves (58" H)

Quantity Needed : 4